Everyone starts somewhere

The party, consisting of four members (a Cleric, a Hexblade, a Druid, and a Monk,)made their way to a small unknown town. Soon after their arrival (and the Hexblade drinking himself into a stupor) they discovered that a hunter on the edge of town was looking for some help. Although the hunter refused to state the reason, he asked them to locate a living Rust Monster. After getting directions to a derelict mine to the north east, the party set out.

They ran into little trouble in the forest, as the Druid directed them the right way and found enough food for the entire party to eat. After the 2 days walk, the party finally entered the mines. Upon entering, they found themselves confronted by some creatures that had taken refuged there. They dispatched them quickly and easily, claiming the small amount of money that was stored there.

The Hexblade, the most reckless member of the party, proceeded to bash down the next door. This, however, proved to be a mistake. A Rust Monster, lurking behind the door, managed to strike the Hexblade’s sword, turning it into a pile of rust. Fortunately for the party, the Rust Monster was too intent on the food before it that it ignored them as they ran.

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